What are the basic rules of 365 project?

365 project has very simple rules. It's about taking at least one photo every day for a year and saving that photo in a separate place, i.e. tookapic.

365 project rules

  1. Take photos every single day for a year.
  2. Publish those photos on tookapic. It's best (not required though) to publish on the same day.
  3. Each of your photos hould be taken on a different day. For example if you take 7 photos on April 20th and plan to publish those photos for next 7 days - that's cheating and has nothing to do with the idea of 365 projects.
  4. If there's one day in a year you don't take at least one photo - the whole project is lost.
  5. Don't expect to take brilliant photos for 365 straight. It's impossible. There are going to be creative blocks and days you will really want to give up. Don't! Take photos. Even if they are bad photos. Take them and save them.
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