Time bending

What are the consequences for time bending?

The most painful consequence is the fact that even if you manage to complete your 365 project, you will alsways know that you cheated. 365 project completed against the rules is worthless.

There simply will be no satisfaction on day 365th. But that's not the only consequence. If you bend time:

  • Your photos will have literally zero chance to get onto the Popular or Featured page.
  • Your photos will be automatically removed from weekly themes
  • You will get on the cheaters list. The list is currently only available to tookapic staff, but still - it's just embarrassing.
  • Soon users will be able to ignore photos from cheaters. So even if someone follows you - they won't see your photos at all.

Anyone who notoriously bends time will be permanently banned from tookapic and all his photos will be erased from our servers without a way to retrieve it.

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