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I can't sign up

Be sure you're filling all the fields the way you're asked to. If something is wrong with the data you enter, there should be a notification showing up, explaining exactly what you're doing wrong. Just to be sure, check that you're doing everything correctly:

  • You need to provide a valid email address (we're going to send you account activation link to that email, and you won't be able to use your account without that link)
  • Your username has to be available (no other user with that username), it has to be at least 3 characters long
  • Your password has to be at least 8 characters long
  • You have to accept our Terms of Use

If you followed the instructions and still can't sign up or you're getting unexpected errors - please contact us directly by submitting a ticket below.

Feel free to contact us directly. Submit a support ticket. Our office hours are: Mon-Fri, 9am - 4pm GMT.
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Paweł Kadysz

Cool. I will answer your message in under 24 hours. It will be sent to your email address:

Paweł Kadysz

Hi there, I’m Pawel and I’m the founder of tookapic. If you have any questions about how the site works or have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a message here.

Also, take a look at our official Help Center. Perhaps you’ll find the answer there.